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The United Kingdom of the British Isles

We're moving closer toward the end of the transition period. BREXIT has happened, it's time to unite and pull together, it's the only way we can make a success of the future!

I think, the first thing we should do, is federalise?

The UK has 17 overseas territories and dependencies. We should follow the lead of other European nations and incorporate them into the British State. Give them each an MP at Westminster and re-brand the nation the United Kingdom of the British Isles.

Then we should embark upon a Commonwealth Alliance. Beginning with the UK joining CER (Australia/New Zealand Partnership). This partnership could be broadened to include, diplomatic, foreign and defence policy.

Canada should then be invited to join, the dawning of the CANZUK Alliance.

Once the ship steadies, the prospect of wider Commonwealth Realm Free Trade should be explored and if deemed compatible, the 16 Realms could be united via trade.

The UK's future, will be a future of partnerships. Together with CANZUK and the REALMS, we can build a sustainable alliance, unified by one sovereign.

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