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  • Mitch William

THE UK: A Resurgent Powerhouse

We're still stuck in the prism of negativity. We're in the transition phase of our European Union departure and all you see and here is doom and gloom, the mood needs a sparkle.

We've already secured 20 Trade Deals with over 50 countries and territories, via continuity agreements from existing EU trade deals:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership of 11 nations in the East, would apparently "Welcome" BREXIT Britain with open arms:

We all know about the prospect of an impending UK-US Trade Deal. It seems to me, so far, the UK's future is looking fairly decent:

There is the opportunity for a geopolitical partnership, with the CANZUK Nations. A non political alliance which would enhance each nations global standing over night:

And then there is the wider Commonwealth of Nations, now 54 nations world wide, with a population of over 2 billion. An existing organisation, that if bound together by trade, could promote peace and prosperity on a global level.

Clearly, a Trade Agreement with the European Union, is also a much desired endeavour. It must be a free and fair deal, or it won't work long term, so let's hope both sides play nice for the next 11 months.

My conclusion is this, the United Kingdom, is on the path to becoming a Global Free Trading Powerhouse, a resurgent UK is on the horizon and it's an exciting prospect.

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