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The Sturgentor 3.0

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The SNP paint the English as an enemy and as the oppressor!

They have successfully brain washed a substantial chunk of the Scottish populous, speaking to some Yes2 supporters, you would think they lived in Palestine and the English flag was the Star of David!

“Scotland’s potential will only be realised after independence”

"Scotland barley has 5 Million people, hardly a superpower"

The SNP want to get one up on the English by fulfilling their personal agendas whilst selling Scotland back to Brussels and disregarding the majority of Scottish voters!

What happened to the NHS, Education and Scottish roads… Aren’t the SNP supposed to be running the country?

It appears there is only one focus and that focus is the constant campaign to destroy the UK!

Democracy needs a shake-up!

Holyrood must at least try to be productive in dealing with Westminster, even if it means a ban on the never-endum rhetoric, the constant campaign, the drone and moan of it all…

The SNP are acting like a 3-year-old who wants another biscuit before bed and the English won’t put up with it forever!

The United Kingdom #OneNation

Vote Unionist #2021

Mitch William...


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