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  • Mitch William

The Sturgenator #NewDebate

The prospect of a 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum is "Highly Likely". The SNP are gearing up for a renewed indy debate based on economics and currency.

The SNP brain wash machine will stop at nothing!

Or at least, not until the majority believe they will be richer on a shattered island and that the English are their evil oppressors!

The SNP don't actually desire Real Independence!

They wish to become a province in a European Superstate!

For any Yes2 supporters reading, please research the EU and shared sovereignty! You will soon discover all the SNP wish to do, is swap London for Brussels.

The SNP are looking at the prospect of a Scottish currency, which will cost billions and be backed by nothing, hence worthless on international markets!

Scotland could become a nation that accepts foreign currency over its own, which would mean financial ruin, a dramatic change to living standards and a brain drain!

The UK is among great nations capable of projecting soft and hard power worldwide.

The 2nd largest military contributor to NATO after the USA.

The 5th largest economy in the world, the £ is worth $1.33 (US Dollar), it has dropped post the BREXIT referendum but is still strong!

The UK holds 1 of only 5 permanent seats at the UN security council and is the founding member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

An independent Scotland would be in economic ruin and would never be in a position to negotiate with the big powers.

An Independent Scotland would simply be instructed!

We do not need another debate, we do not want another debate, we want the SNP to work in-conjunction with Westminster and stop failing the Scottish people and trying to pass the buck onto London.

They've been found out, its time for them to grow up before their naivety destroys Scotland!

Mitch William...


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