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  • Mitch William

The Sturgenator #FAILED

Is Nicola Sturgeon, using the Covid-19 Pandemic, to create an atmosphere that would allow her to further pursue her dream of disunity?

She holds her daily press conference before the UK Government everyday. Why? is this to create the illusion, that she is in control and is always one step ahead of Westminster?

And then, we have accusations, that Public Health England is prioritising PPE for England...

The Chief executive of Scottish Care, claimed NHS England was being prioritised with PPE. Sturgeon, very loudly announced an investigation, even though her own national clinical director, said that the claim was 'rubbish'.

Today, Sturgeon has been forced to stand down the claims, accepting that they're false.

The United Kingdom, is at it's best when each constituent country compliments each other and in times of national crisis the British people are renowned for pulling together.

This is the largest threat to our nation since world war 2. The defeat of Covid-19, will highlight the benefits of our United kingdom and the British people will emerge STRONGER!

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