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  • Mitch William

The Sturgenator 4.0

The Sturgenator is showing her true colours by nit picking at every progression made in the BREXIT process!

The ScotNats, have received many concessions in a UK Government attempt to keep them happy and steady the ship through the BREXIT waters!

Nothing is ever good enough, the ScotNats are always playing the victim card, always the bullied defenseless party even though the UK Government are bending over backwards to find a UK wide solution to a worldwide problem!

The Welsh managed to reach an accord with Westminster, why can't Holyrood?

The ScotNats, love appearing as the persecuted through their well thought out propaganda machine but in reality they are nothing but bitter pests and must accept the situation as it is and begin to respect the Scottish people over their own ambitions!

But, will they?

Probably not!

Scotland is fast becoming a pain in the bum and a laughing stock, the ScotNats are ruining the Scots reputation bit by bit, all in the name of a lost cause!

They have increased your tax, they are increasing the price of alcohol and perhaps destroyed a once proud education system.

Scotland needs a change, Scotland needs to get back on track!

Mitch William...


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