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  • Mitch William

The Sturgenator

I think the SNP have short term memories. Scotland voted NO in 2014 and opted for a future within the United Kingdom.

Fair enough, since then, the UK voted to LEAVE the EU and for some reason Scotland seem's to be wildly pro EU, despite the low turn out for the referendum north of the border.

62% of 67% is not a substantial enough figure to base a whole indy argument on.

Yet, the SNP seem determined to power ahead with a new case for indy in the lead up to the 2021 elections. The only way to stop the wrath of nationalism, is to beat them at the ballot box, vote for any Unionist Party, even the Lib Dems if you have too.

Failure to defeat the SNP will send Scotland in to spin of despair and fracture the British Isles for the foreseeable future.

Swapping London for Brussels is not indy. The SNP desire to join the new Franco-German Empire astounds me. At the moment, out of over 700 MEP's, Scotland only gets 6, Scotland would contribute zero influence in a European Parliament.

However, Sturgeon would be in the pictures taken at summits. Maybe vanity is the engine of their divisive mission?

The UK is on a path to becoming a free treading powerhouse, I think the nationalists are aware of this, and are attempting to break away before we all begin to see and feel the benefits of BREXIT.


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