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  • Mitch William

The Sturgenator

The Sturgenator is on full pelt toward a 2nd Independence referendum, and a 2nd EU referendum. Both referendums the SNP were on the loosing side of.

Why can't they respect Democracy?

They're trying to use democracy against democracy with propoganda aimed at manipulating the senses!

Everything is Westminsters fault, the SNP are never to blame!

The Sturgenator failed to rule out a hard border on the island of Great Britain if independence is achieved. I don't think they've thought this through very well, or maybe they just don't care!

They're going to lead Scotland into civil war!

More people voted LEAVE than VOTED FOR THE SNP and even better, more people VOTED NO than VOTED for the SNP!

They don't care about you or democracy. All they care about is getting one over the English and selling Scotland to Brussels.

They are an embarrsament to Scotland and a bigger threat to peace than any foreign adversary.

They need to be taken out, before its too late!

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