• Mitch William

The Sturgenator 2019

Sturgeon wants a live televised debate with Boris Johnson, in other words, she's saying, "mon then" to the Prime Minister!

She wants to prance around articulating her desire to destroy the UK and sell Scotland to the EU! An EU, where Scotland only gets 6 seats out more than 700! An EU that bullied Ireland into voting a 2nd time, TWICE, on referendums they did not like the outcome of!

If Sturgeon gets her way, she will cause civil unrest and destroy these islands, she is, in my opinion, a security threat! #Yugoslavia

Boris Johnson, must unite the Union with a post BREXIT Vision that can energise the 4 home nations. He's the only man, that achieve this, I have no love for the Tories! But, this is bigger than my political opinions!

I say, he should take her on and show the UK what she really is, an anti-english bigot, with a European ambition!

Most SCOTTISH people hate Sturgeon and the SNP vote share, is beginning to falter!


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