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The Sturgenator 2.0

Angus Robertson has resigned and Pete Wishart looks likely to succeed him as SNP Deputy Leader.

A man who allegedly looks to Braveheart for Political Inspiration?

A good film, but hardly relevant!

It would appear the ScotNats are on a constant war footing for IndyRef2...However, their confidence was knocked when they lost 21 MP's at the snap general election!

The Sturgenator wants to evaluate the situation in the Autumn when the BREXIT deal becomes more apparent.

62% of Scots voted to stay in the EU, the turn out was 67%, so ScotNat logic is:

62% of 67% wants to remain, 38% voted to leave and 33% didn't care, so IndyRef2 is inevitable because the PLASTIC NATS want to swap London for Brussels at any cost!

The ScotNats are playing the long campaign sneakily and overt like, perhaps even cheating a little bit, senior ScotNats have warned not to hold another IndyRef unless they have actual "evidence" it can be won and it should be held off until after 2021!

In essence, for a Unionist Party!

Its clear the ScotNats are basing the IndyRef2 argument on BREXIT...

Scotland would be roughly 2% of the overall EU population and would only contribute 6 MEP's out of well over 700 at Brussels, in short...Scotland would be an insignificant member of the EU.

We cannot swap London for Brussels, as the result would be EU Rule...

  • Accepting the Supremacy of the European Commission.

  • Accepting the Supremacy of the European Courts of Justice and Human Rights.

  • Free Movement of Capitol, goods, services and people (The 4 freedoms of the Single Market).

  • Adhering to EU rules, directives and regulations.

2014... Scottish Trade looked like this:

  • £48.5 Billion of Scottish trade was with the rest of the UK!

  • £15.2 Billion was with the rest of the world!

  • £11.6 Billion was with the EU!

Scotland's largest trading partner is the rest of the UK and Global trade is larger than that of EU trade...Scotland can make a success of BREXIT and be at the forefront of Global Britain!

However, the ScotNats must stop screaming for Indy every time London sneezes!

Mitch William...


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