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  • Mitch William

The Sturgenator

Well, well... Someone need's to put The Sturgenator in her place!

Nicola Sturgeon appear's excited with the prospect of an official visit to Catalonia.

To "strengthen relations" ... She is the First Minister, not the Prime Minister and Catalonia is a region of Spain! #WhatIsShePlayingAt

She is running Scotland into the ground, minimum alcohol pricing, named persons act, curriculum for excellence and as of next year primary one's will be told they can decide their own gender... #ScotlandIsFalling

And the Yes2 campaign continues?

Look at BREXIT, if you believe the NHS is about to run out of medicine, RyanAir won't fly and the Army are on stand by due to the impending food shortage's.

Why would you want IndyRef2?

All the problems BREXIT throw's at the UK would blow an Indy Scotland to pieces! I wonder why Yes2 won't contrast the effects of BREXIT with Indy?

Perhaps, it kills their campaign hobby?

Yes2 is the pinnacle of why a rising % of people in Scotland want rid of Holyrood. Normal people just want to prosper and lead a quiet life! #2014SettledIt

We're not oppressed, we are free!

I've never been to Saudi Arabia. But, I think Yes2 campaigners should attend a cultural exchange in-order to experience and understand oppression at play!

We need to direct some logic into the Yes2 brigade #DebateMakesTheDifference

Mitch William...

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