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The Sturgenator

2014, the Scottish people decided they would remain British!

The Scots are still Scots…But they can also be British, much the same as a Texan being American.

The teddy says it all…

The ScotNats seem to believe because they lost their majority in Holyrood, lost a third of their seats at Westminster and of course scored 62% in the BREXIT Referendum but overall, lost the UK vote… Gives them the right to call for another Scottish Independence Referendum.

Eh, No Thanks pal

The Scottish voter turnout at the BREXIT Referendum was 67% where as the voter turnout at the IndyRef was 84.6%...

The ScotNats are losing support and their only argument is 62% of 67% wanted to REMAIN a member of the EU...

What about the 38% who wanted to LEAVE?

What about the 33% who couldn’t be bothered?

What about the 55% who voted NO in 2014?

The ScotNats band the word “Democracy” around a fair bit, do they believe in it?

Perhaps only if the result suits them, after all they are topped up by the Greens – must be embarrassing for them.

Scotland doe's not NEED or WANT another divisive referendum…give the people a break, stop promoting disunity and start doing the job of public service.

Mitch William...


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