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  • Mitch William

The SNP Power Grab

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

The ScotNats want to yield every power they can get there grubby hands on post - brexit, slowly clawing away at the system so they can eventually declare independence by default!

80 powers are due to be brought back under the devolved administrations!

But, 24 powers are disputed!

The big powers such as farming and fishing should be reserved to Westminster, maintaining the integrity of the UK single market!

The ScotNats are happy enough with Brussels yielding control over Scottish affairs but detest the idea of Westminster maintaining the Union's integrity!

The ScotNats need to become more productive within the process of BREXIT rather than posturing for IndyRef2, a productive cooperative approach would benefit the entire nation!

Instead, they are trying to push through an illegal Scottish BREXIT Bill!

It makes one wonder if devolution is worth the constant pantomime?

Mitch William...


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