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The SNP are a MENACE!

Some in the SNP, appear to think that pursuing independence without a 2nd referendum would be justified?


The next SNP manifesto should offer Scottish independence without the need for a referendum, two prominent party figures have recently claimed. According to The Daily Record, Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil and Inverclyde councillor Chris McEleny want a pledge that winning a pro-independence majority would be grounds to start negotiations with Westminster. The pair had hoped their alternative approach would be discussed at the SNP conference in June but the event was cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. They now say the issue should be debated at a virtual conference.

This is a dangerous approach, actions such as the above, would certainly cause civil disorder. Doe's the SNP want to turn Scotland into a 1970's Northern Ireland?

The SNP are a menace, they pose a greater threat to the security and prosperity of Scotland than any foreign adversary does at present.

Is the SNP a danger to our rights and freedoms?

They do not respect the will of the people, using democracy against democracy, with a formidable propaganda machine pushing their narrative of division.

They (SNP) lost the vote in 2014, their primary focus should be working with the UK Government and the other devolved assemblies in a constructive manner in order to benefit the citizens of Scotland and the wider UK.

2021 will be an important year, the Nationalists must be STOPPED!

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