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  • Mitch William

The SNP: A broken Record Playing Division

The wonderful SNP are planning a 2nd Independence push before the end of 2023. I voted 'NO' in 2014, and I feel it's far too early to ask the question again. And to be honest, I don't think the question ever needs to be asked again.

Are the SNP trying to cause civil unrest in Scotland?

They're clearly ignoring the majority and a democratic mandate. They've never stopped campaigning. In fact, it feels as if that's all you see or hear in Scotland. It's embarrassing and dangerous.

The SNP are creating a needless divide, for their selfish ideals. All they want is an EU commissionaire. Therefor, they are traitors. And that won't be independence.

Devolution has caused more trouble than it's worth and should be shut down. It's emboldened nationalist movements and if they get their way, after years of pressure and manipulation, it could lead to a Balkans style situation.

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