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The Russian Bear

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

The Russian Federation…

Winston Churchill once said, “it is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”...

Western nations are persistently informed of the threats the Russian Federation poses – but this mysterious land looks and sounds very much the same as Europe and America, perhaps Western Nations are simply misunderstanding this vast mysterious landmass?

What is there to be feared... the mystery, the riddle or the enigma?

Vladimir Putin?

Ex – KGB Lieutenant Colonel, based in Dresden as the Berlin Wall was being torn down.

Describing the fall of the Soviet Union as the “Greatest Geopolitical Tragedy of the 20th Century”

The President of the Russian Federation (1999) – “We live in a very competitive world and we are not among its leaders”

After a Century of ups and downs – World War 2, Stalin, Fall of the USSR and the Yeltson Presidency, Vladimir Putin has ushered Russia to relative stability and prosperity.

Now, Russia is once again amongst the leaders of the world.

Vladimir Putin is Russia… The West should Envy this! #StrongLeadership

Putin dragged Russia from the brink back to Great Power, yet the man is demonised throughout the West.

Arms deals with Saudi Arabia are condoned whilst we impose sanctions on Russia?

NATO can invade whom ever she chooses causing chaos for decades.

Russia intervenes moderately and the West Condemns.

Russia is European. There is common ground. Bridges can be built...

We should be nurturing the Bear for good relations. We Must Respect Putin and Respect Russia, The Bear see’s our weaknesses... we can’t poke it forever…

Mitch William...


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