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  • Mitch William

The People Against The Establishment

Theresa May's deal is so bad, Brexiteers and Remainiacs are set to unite in order to defeat it once again!

Is it such a bad deal on purpose, is it supposed to fail?

Incompetence and an utter disrespect for democracy has destroyed this process and British credibility!

Members of Parliament have purposely voted us into potential crisis! Now they're attempting to take No Deal off the table and extend article 50!

When the May deal fails in parliament (again). A vote on the extension of article 50 will soon follow! Which will pass easily, giving the Labour party the time to launch their campaign for a 2nd referendum.

MP's are voting us to a 2nd referendum, its clear for all to see. They can only achieve this if we're in perceived crisis (that they have caused) and the question is different!

This is not the 1700's! The public are very aware.. I think it would be in Westminster's interest to realise this!

The Question won't be No Deal or The May Deal...

The Question will more likely be the May Deal or Remain. Which, is unacceptable!

But, they'll spin it, stating its in the national interest and make clear, its not a re-run due to the difference in nature of the question!

I saw this happening, I just never envisaged it taking place on the 11th hour!

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