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  • Mitch William

The Only Way Is BREXIT?

Parliament are trying their hardest to take no deal off the table in an attempt to scupper our hand at the negotiating table in order to force a new referendum.

17.4 million people voted to leave the EU...

By default, that means leaving on WTO terms or with a bilateral free trade agreement!

However, some are pushing for the Norway option...

That would see the UK shackled to the Customs Union and the Single Market. The only difference would be loosing British MEP's, the British Commissioner and our seat at the Council of Ministers and there would be no independent trade policy!

That's certainly not what 17.4 million leave voters had in mind!

The USA want a free trade agreement, Canada, Australia and New Zealand want free trade, the trans pacific partnership are open to the UK joining, India and China are also interested in free trade!

The UK could become a global free trading powerhouse!

Parliament needs to wake up, because the people are aware and its not looking pretty!

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