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  • Mitch William

The Next Prime Minister?

There are 10 contenders, for arguably, the worst job in the world at present!

However, which of the 10 are the real deal?

  1. Boris Johnson

  2. Michael Gove

  3. Jeremy Hunt

  4. Dominic Raab

  5. Sajid Javid

Imagine a country run by The BoJo?

We're already a bad joke, thanks to the reign of May, perhaps the Boris can turn that crappy joke into a humorous one?

But, would you trust Boris to take your dog for a walk? If not, what will he be like with the keys to our nukes? #AnotherBadJoke

All are serious contenders. But, can any of them beat the mighty Boris?

Crack pot Gove, is about as charismatic as a broken hoover, It's likely Jeremy Hunt secretly still wants a 2nd vote, Dominic Raab didn't understand the importance of the Dover Port until he was The Brexit Secretary and Sajid Javid, well he could be good. But, will the UK ever be ready for a Muslim Prime Minister?

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