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  • Mitch William

We Need Reform..

We are all experiencing a Global cost of living crisis and there is a major war in Europe. This is not the time for division.

I can't vote for a border with England. Approx 60% of Scottish exports go south of the border, and that's not counting what comes north of the border. A hard border with customs checks would be a disaster for Scotland. There is no infrastructure and only one highway would be suitable for such a task.

I can't vote for a Scottish Pound. The current cost of living crisis would be viewed as minor in comparison to what the SNP propose. Interest rates, pensions and mortgages would all be up in the air.

I can't vote for an application to join the Franco - German Empire. Within the EU, Scotland would be tiny and overlooked, much the same way as the Republic of Ireland. Ask an Irishman about the Nice and Lisbon Treaties, he may tell you, how they were forced to vote twice, as the EU didn't much like their first answer on both occasions. Plus, EU membership is not independence, anyone who tell's you such nonsense, is either misinformed or manipulative.

Just in case you missed this, Scotland is a Great Power through the UK. A permanent member of the UN Security Council, the 2nd NATO Nation, Framework Nation of the JEF, 5 Eyes and AUKUS member.

Nicola Sturgeon likes to compare Scotland to countries like Norway, Finland and Sweden. However, there are other small countries in Europe... How about Macedonia, Kosovo or Bosnia, do you know what they all have in common?

They (SNP) say that they want to close Faslane and move the UK nuclear deterrent out of Scotland. Faslane is key to NATO operations on this side of the Atlantic, I'm not sure what world the SNP live in... I'm certain that the Americans will be influential in the fate of Faslane, to close it against American advice could lead to no NATO membership. I don't know about you... I'd rather not anger the Americans and as a result leave Scotland vulnerable to exploitation by bad foreign actors. Remember Scotland has oil, to claim that oil, only Shetland and the Orkneys would need to fall.

The UK is not perfect. That said, I would rather fight for reform, rather than disintegration. The House of Lords would be my first target. It should be reformed to an elected body of equal representation of UK Member states. Much like that of the US Senate.

We should move to a system of Proportional Representation, allowing every vote to count, all opinions and policies good or bad should be heard and debated. After all, that's called democracy.

Reserved powers should be scaled down too UK Internal Market Oversight, International Trade, Immigration, Defence and Foreign Policy. An English Parliament must be born and all the overseas territories should be invited as full members of the Union.

The United Kingdom of the British Isles. A Union, based on competition, trade and common international standing.


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