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  • Mitch William

The NATO Empire

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation celebrates its 70th birthday today.

Founded on the principle of:

"Keeping the Americans in, the Russians out and the Germans down".

Is this alliance still relevant?

I would say yes. Albeit, times have moved on.

I believe that NATO should have greater influence on the global stage. In effect, NATO is an Empire on Call.

That Empire on call, could become the Empire around the table, yes NATO is a political and military alliance. But, lacks a trade treaty and a solid political structure.

NATO could become a 21st Century Confederate Super Empire.

It would require a council encompassing all Heads of Government/State focused on Military and Trade, working together on every aspect of Foreign Affairs.

At the same time retaining national identity.

It would include the EU, USA and UK. Australia and New Zealand could also be invited to the table. An alliance, not a Union, 100% voluntary.

As power shifts, an enhanced alliance could be the only way forward for the West!

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