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  • Mitch William

The Nationalist's!

The Nationalists stated, a 2nd Referendum wouldn't be needed in order for Scotland to gain Independence from the United Kingdom!

Are they mental?

Don't they understand, their end goal, could lead to civil unrest and make the troubles look like a warm up? I seriously doubt the logical sanity of the so called nationalists!

They seem to be teaming up, Plaid and the SNP!

So, they can do what? Break up, the best thing that's ever happened to these Islands and swan off for EU membership? I'm sorry, they're traitors and should be sent to the tower!

One Nationalist described the £46 Billion worth of trade done from Scotland to the rest of the UK as a weakness! Scotland's biggest trading partner is the UK! How is that a weakness? £46 Billion... They are demented!

These people are not fit for purpose or independence, I wouldn't follow them to Tesco, never mind onto the world stage!

Mitch William...

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