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  • Mitch William

The Leaders

From Nicola Sturgeon, you always get the same old waffle, BREXIT is bad, Independence is good. How long before her supporters wake up and realise that BREXIT will be minor in comparison to INDY. Which, will be catastrophic!

Jo Swinson, oh dear, a Liberal Democrat, who would unilaterally disregard the democratic will of the people. Maybe, these liberals are a tad authoritarian? It now shows the left are the bully bunch of British Politics. A vote for Jo Jo is a vote for RIOTS!

And now, Corbyn. Finally coming out as neutral, so we would get a 2nd referendum. However, he would not vote in it! We would become a throw back to 1960's Russia with everything being nationalised, a 4 day week and free broadband, all sounds nice, but how is he paying for it?

Finally, the Boris, clumsy looking, charismatic, and wildly 2 faced. The problem with Boris is I hate him. However, the other problem I have is, that I love him. Out of the serious contenders for No10, I think he truly believes in the UK and wants the UK to to rise as global powerhouse in its own right. Nothing wrong with that!

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