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  • Mitch William

The Independent Goats

3 Tory MP's have joined the 7 Labour defectors in the so called Independent Group. Now Chuka's dominance will be threatened by Soubry's mere presence!

Is this a new political party?

The labour lot went side ways mostly due to bullying and racism. However, the Tory lot are simple ardent remainers. Well, their all ardent remainers! But, their reasoning slightly differs.

I wonder if this show will get on the road?

Are they principled politicians or opportunists?

Word has it, there was MP's representing leave constituencies, who pulled out of the Independent Group for fear of loosing their seats... Principled, definitely!

They should've all joined the Lib Dems, or the Lib Dems should join them, total re-brand, which they badly need! #RemainiacAlliance

And here comes the BREXIT Party with over 100k people signing up an interest. Are we about to witness a political shift?

Or... will it fizzle out and we'll be back to the same old!

Brexit is the biggest threat to the UK in modern times, it must be followed through and executed efficiently, then the problems will fade and the enthusiasm can grow!

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