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  • Mitch William

The Hypocrite Party

What self respecting Nationalist would voluntarily give away sovereign rights?

The SNP are blowing their trumpets again, saying that Scotland will eventually re-join the EU and that they want to stay as closely aligned to the EU as possible, to ensure the re-entry process goes smoothly, when the time comes.

When will SNP supporters wake up to the fact that EU Member States are not Independent Nations?

The Scots have more power within the UK than they would ever have as a member of the EU. The SNP aren't NATIONALISTS, they're HYPOCRITES, who manipulate the people through a formidable media machine!

That machine must be challenged, it must be broken!

The Unionists need a strong leader, a single message and a clear path to Holyrood and Westminster. Dare I say it, should the DUP set up in Scotland?

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