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  • Mitch William

The Futures Bright?

Remain or Leave?

It's past tense, the UK is set to break away from the EU, why not embrace the opportunity?

If you were to devoir all your current affairs information from the remain camp, one would think the UK is blasting itself to Mars!

Why all the negativity?

The European concept of ever closer union meant that integration would never stop until the eventual rise of a United States of Europe.

It could still happen, a 2 speed Europe may emerge with the Eurozone federating and becoming a super member?

The UK was never constitutionally suited to EU integration.

Winston Churchill envisaged 3 pillars of western society... The United States of America, a United States of Europe and a CANZUK Alliance.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom!


CANZUK nations share a common language, legal system, and head of state.


Australia and New Zealand already enjoy a partnership of 2 nations and the door maybe slowly opening for Canada and the UK to enter.

A loose confederal structure could be born, based on free trade, free movement based upon employment and tourism, mutual defence and a shared seat at the UN security council whilst being fully aligned to NATO.

Such an alliance would have the third largest defence budget in the world and would be the largest landmass spanning the globe.

It would lay the ground work for greater Commonwealth cooperation bringing nations in gradually whilst promoting free trade throughout the entire Commonwealth and the world!

In the long term, the UK will occupy a very privileged global position.

The futures bright the futures Global!

Mitch William...


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