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  • Mitch William

The Farage Attack!

Leave Means Leave will reboot the BREXIT Campaign for the Autumn! In response to Remainiac Maneuvering and the FEAR of further treachery from the May Regime!

The half in half out chequers approach has gone down like a lead balloon!

It's the 11th hour. Leavers must defend their 2016 result!

The Remainers will continue en-devouring the sabotage of that result at any cost until they succeed in forcing a 2nd referendum on the UK! #BattleStations

The No Deal BREXIT Scenario is looking more likely every day and that prospect will be used as the excuse for the another referendum! .... Question?

No Deal BREXIT or Stay?

The Autumn will be the most interesting period we've experienced in modern political history. A pause in Article 50 maybe enacted, if that happens. The announcement of EUref 2 will be uttered in the very same breath!

Leave Means Leave are attempting to stay ahead of the game. But, the Remainiacs never halted their campaign. If anything, its gaining ground!

Will REMAIN prevail? Has the tide turned against the LEAVER'S? #HowWillYouVote

Mitch William...

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