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  • Mitch William


The European Union is doomed to FAILURE!

BREXIT being the beginning of the end for the feeble project. It's simply too large to be united on every front. The impending British departure, will transform the EU from supranational union to Franco-German Empire.

Inevitably leading to its ultimate demise. The EU is destined to fracture into segments of nations willing to be subordinate to France and Germany and the nations who will rebel against the prospect.

You only have to look at whats happening right now, Italy is receiving aid from Russia, due to COVID-19. While at the same time, an "unusual" amount of Russian warships are snooping around European coastlines.

The EU, should be able to support itself. The very fact a member state has invited a perceived adversary into its towns and cities to help fight the pandemic is proof enough, that the EU is not fit for purpose.

Personally, I advocate strong healthy relations with Russia. But, I'm not in charge!

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