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  • Mitch William

The Death Penalty

Europe is being choked by the constant threat of terrorism.

Terror Attacks are becoming more and more frequent here in the UK. From the Manchester Arena to people getting stabbed on the street at random.

Thank god, we have not experienced a recent attack on the scale of 7/7 or bigger.

The thing is, it's probably, not a matter of a big attack "might" happen, it's more likely that its a case of standing by until it does happen, not "if" but "when".

These people are at war with us. However, we've not woken up to the reality yet. It's time we did and it's time we fought back!

There must be a SHOOT TO KILL Policy in place for ongoing terror incidents. However, terrorists captured in the act, should face the same fate as Guy Fawkes.

Death by EXECUTION carried out by The Crown.

People caught planning these disgusting acts of cowardice should get full life tariffs with no possibility of parole.

These people are waging war on our streets. They're too far gone to be able to function in a civilised society.

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