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Bring The Gallows Back!

Strangeways Prison, Manchester & Walton Prison, Liverpool.

0800, 13th of August 1964. Gwynne Evans, 24 & Peter Allen, 21 were the last 2 people to be executed in the United Kingdom.

Their crime, murder for the theft of £10. Lowlife indeed and no doubt deserved to be led to the Gallows.

Ian Huntley, The Soham Child Killer, August 2002.

His victims were two 10-year-old girls, Holly Marie Wells & Jessica Aimee Chapman.

Huntley was sentenced to a minimum term of 40 years. He's unlikely to be released but its not impossible.

The death penalty, would've been, a more appropriate punishment for this creature of evil!

East London, 2019, Jodie Chesney.

Stabbed in the back, by a man, who said nothing to her. She was only 17 years old. She died due to the trauma & haemorrhage, that means the poor girl bled out.

What has happened to this country?

Why did this young girl die? Was it a sick bet? A gang initiation? There was no point & no reason for this act of evil.

The problem with life in jail, is the system protects the heinous! The heinous then adapt to prison & it becomes normal to them, it becomes their life. Therefore, its no longer a punishment & release is possible!

The Death Penalty would deter some but, not all!

The time has come, a referendum on the Death Penalty is overdue!

People who would be sentenced to death, should be issued with an execution date upon conviction. The date should be no later than 5 years post conviction.

This would allow sufficient time for the reflection of their actions!

Knowing when they were going to die, would torment them & allow them to come to terms with the severity of their malice.

They would fear the walk to the Gallows & that's the point!

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