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  • Mitch William

The Chequers Colony

Treason May's chequers plan would be worse than a Corbyn Government and a Corbyn Government would have the same effect as a Nuclear strike on London. Perhaps a Nuclear strike would be the kinder way to go?

If you're not entirely clear on the Chequers proposal? In a nut shell, it's a half in, half out conundrum. It would create a scenario where the UK accepted an abundance of EU laws and regulations with no representation or decision making powers.

The UK would be a third country. Doing what it was told, when it was told! I like to call that, being a colony of the European Union. I'll guess that, the luny left would appreciate the UK becoming a colony, due to its very own colonial history?

As we depart the European Union (trusting there will be no 2nd vote) we should be aiming for a bilateral free trading partnership. Two separate entities working together. But, both in control of their own destinies with the odd agreement here and there.

Imagine free trade with the EU, USA, China and India. Plus enhanced relations with the wider Commonwealth and the CANZUK element within it.

Life beyond BREXIT could indeed be very bright!

The Tory Conference must scrap the Chequers plan, halt the pantomime and unite on a sensible footing using the Canada/EU free trade deal as a model for a UK/EU future relationship.

Mitch William...

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