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  • Mitch William

The Brexit Opportunity

Boris Johnson has a huge majority, does this mean NO DEAL is back on the table? He intends to enshrine no further delays into law. Such an action could lead us to the No Deal scenario many fear!

But, the future isn't bleak, if played wisely! BREXIT is a turbulent opportunity worth grasping. The UK is about to unleash its 21st century potential!

Free Trade with the USA will happen. However, membership of NAFTA would be better in the long run, that may happen over time. The Canzuk nations will take equal precedent in our trading future as will the wider Commonwealth.

The UK is on the verge of becoming a Free Trading Powerhouse, a Singapore on STEROIDS! Its about time we came together, and realised the opportunity BREXIT has presented us.

The best days of the UK, could indeed be ahead of us! #TheEmpireStrikesBack

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