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  • Mitch William

The BREXIT Colony

The deal that cannot be done! Theresa May's BREXIT betrayel is in full swing. However, I do feel sorry for her as she holds the toughest political position on the planet!

The transition period of 2 years will see us remain in the Customs Union and the Single Market whilst taking direction from the European Court of Justice.

Throughout this time we would have no representation whilst accepting all EU rules.

That is unacceptable!

And as you know, it gets worse... After the transition period, the so called "Back Stop" could come into play. Which would see Northern Ireland following slightly different rules to the wider UK.

In essence the UK would still be on the EU leash! But, Northern Ireland would be on the choker chain!

No representation, 100% compliance!

The only way out of the "Back Stop" is through a bilateral decision making process. Therefore, we cannot simply extract on our own terms!

The EU has maintained upper hand throughout!

The deal sets the UK on the road to servitude, Britain will resemble a colony! But, nobody voted for a surrender!

What now?

Parliament are likely to vote the deal down. Which may lead to a no deal scenario, which is frankly better than the terrible deal on offer.

Alternatively, there is a 2nd vote, which if leave won, it would certainly lead to a no deal and if remain won...

Well, remaining is probably better than whats on offer? #NoDeal or #Remain

BREXIT is a mess! The current deal means, no new trade deals for the foreseeable future and an unforgivable state of affairs as a satellite nation!

BREXIT should have been an opportunity, not a catastrophe!

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