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  • Mitch William

SCOTLAND: Don't SHOOT Yourself In The Foot!

The most recent poll, based on Scottish Independence, showed a record 58% for YES and 64% wanting a fresh referendum within 5 years. However, only 49% will vote for the SNP at the upcoming 2021 Scottish Parliamentary Elections.

I think the global pandemic, which has gripped us all, has had an adverse effect on polling.

It's empowered the nationalist message, due to what is, essentially a daily campaign briefing.

I wonder if any of the 58% considered losing the the Pound Sterling, a Hard Border with England and the loss of Scotland's largest (by a huge margin) trading partner?

Scotland exports a whopping £45 billion to our British family. Where as, it only exports £12.7 billion to our friends in the European Union.

So, if Scotland became independent, it would have no currency, it would probably have a hard border, it would alienate it's lifeline trading partner, it wouldn't have an armed forces, it would automatically leave NATO, the 5 Eyes and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Scotland would also scupper it's chance, of benefitting from a resurgent Global Britain.

I fear for Scotland's future... if it decides to break away, it will either face a future of obscurity within the European Union or out with. Breaking away, will be bleak, akin to one shooting themselves in the foot!

Think about it Scotland!

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