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The Boris Revolt?

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

A recent poll of 2.4k people conducted by the concluded that 97% of participants are against Mrs Mays Brexit Plan and only 3% were in favour of the Chequers Accord.

I wonder what a nationwide poll would suggest?

First, David Davis (BREXIT Secretary) through the towel in and resigned. Soon followed by Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary.

Arguable, the 2nd most powerful position in Government!

What's Boris up to?

You don't just quit such a prestigious position without a plan. The Boris surely has something up his sleeve which he is ready to unleash at a moments notice!

But, what will it be?

Is the Boris brazen enough to bring down Theresa May? Followed by the Government? Forcing a Leadership Election and likely another general election?

Thus, postponing the exit negotiations as time runs out, rendering the UK with no choice but to leave with No Deal!

If not, what was the point in the resignation? If he believes there is a betrayal leading the UK to colony status, he must lead the revolt!

He can't and won't suffer in silence!

The Boris Game is on, he won't allow the UK to become a colony of the EU, watch this space as we wait and see!

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