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  • Mitch William

The Bojo!

The boy that would be "world king".

There's so much I hate about The Bojo... I don't even know where to start!

He feels entitled, he's a master manipulator, he's chaotic, he looks and sounds like a moron.

But, we'll never get to know the true Bojo, as with him, along with all the rest, they have a multitude of personas floundering around for certain audiences!

However, he does have a trait synonymous with myself!

He actually believes the UK can be successful outside the European Union. Not just maintaining UK global standing but, enhancing it!

If BREXIT is Executed Efficiently, the UK will become a FREE TRADING POWERHOUSE!

The man I Love to Hate, The Bojo, is the only man for the job, he's the only man in Westminster, who has the potential to put the GREAT back into BRITAIN because he believes we can be better!

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