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the BAME game

Britain, is not RACIST. However, headlines like this from Sky News:

BAME people hold just 4.6% of the UK's most powerful roles

Entice people to focus on race, when they otherwise wouldn't, the result is tension based on perceived injustice.

The "BAME" community represents 14% of the UK population. This 14% has just as much opportunity as the next person, white, yellow or green. I grew up in a 4 in a block mining house, and I can tell you from experience, trying to find your place in the world is difficult for most white working class people.

When I was younger, I was brainwashed in to thinking multiculturalism was the only path for any nation and the world to take. Then I quickly realised, that most nations actually want to preserve their heritage and are somewhat hostile to foreign cultures. We, in the UK are among the most tolerant and accepting nations.

However, the multicultural dream of the left, sometimes feels like an assault on British Culture and British People #WhenInRome

Personally, I don't care if only 4.6% of top roles are held by BAME people. I think the best people should achieve these roles on merit. However, one thing the article fails to mention, is that a likely majority of Asians have large or small successful family businesses, so they wouldn't even bother trying to enter the workspace and are certainly not represented in this article.

I think it's time, we stopped manipulating divisive rhetoric and lived happily ever after!

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