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  • Mitch William

The Ayes have it and the SNP said Noe!

The Brexit Deal has passed parliament, 521 to 73 votes. However, the party that said any deal was better than no deal actually voted for... No Deal. This is living proof of SNP belligerence to anything Westminster passes.

The UK has signed a deal, primarily based on goods with the EU. The application for the Trans - Pacific Partnership will be lodged in the new year. The UK has secured deals with 58 nations which will come in to effect in the new year and there's more to come.

The UK is the 2nd most powerful NATO member, a Five Eyes Member, a Commonwealth of Nations member, has a permanent seat at the UN.

An independent Scotland would not qualify for EU membership and would not have the means to build a Global Network in the same way that the UK has done since 2016. The SNP are Scotland's worst enemy. Their manipulative politics, is there for all to see.

The only thing they stand for is a hatred of the UK and they're willing to sacrifice the people of Scotland for it.

Enough is enough!

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