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The Alternative to Devolution

Devolution has been a disaster. The intention was to kill off nationalism, instead it has been a breeding ground for division and separation. Especially in Scotland where the SNP have failed in countless areas. However, they still manage to spin it as "Westminster's Fault".

Devolution must go. That said, it can't be scrapped and not replaced. It would take huge reform and a lot of back bone.

There would have to be a UK wide referendum. The question being:

Should the United Kingdom have a Senate of equal peers from each of the Home Nations instead of devolved administrations (Thus, meaning the scrapping of the House of Lords and Devolution, putting in place a powerful Senate in the upper house).

This way, the UK would be back on the same page. Less platforms of division and a powerful upper house that can truly hold Westminster to account.

In my opinion, this will save the Union, strengthen the Union and for the first time in History, it would be a Union of equals. Devolution is broken, mainly because the English don't have a parliament and the SNP have hijacked Holyrood with their blind uninformed support.

However, if the SNP achieved their goal, that blind uninformed support base will be the first to turn on them and then all hell will break out. So, lets try to avoid that #ThinkIreland #ThinkYugoslavia

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