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TEST: Before Disembarking

The Government has announced its quarantine plans for people travelling into the UK.

Travellers will be required to inform UK authorities of their planned residence and will be subject to random spot checks, failure to comply will result in a £1000 fine.

However, lorry drivers, seasonal farm workers, and coronavirus medics will be exempt from these measures.

So, in a nutshell, we're effectively setting ourselves up for a 2nd wave.

Imagine, you get off a flight, you go through security, baggage and then probably use some form of public transport to get to your final destination. If you were infected with Coronavirus, how many people would you infect in the airport and en-route to your hotel/residence?

I'm not a virology expert. But, I understand common sense. I also understand the economic implications of all of this. However, this policy is dangerous and could set us back months!

People travelling to the UK, should not be allowed off their mode of transport, until they've been tested, whether they're travelling via ferry, plane or train. Medics should board, test and eliminate the problem before it escalates into a tragedy.

If one person was to test positive, that entire travelling group should be escorted to a secure facility guarded by the military and quarantined for upto 14 days.

This may sound like a harsh approach. But, it's far safer than Priti Patel's plan!

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