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  • Mitch William

Terror Plot?

Recently the Police and Security Services foiled a terror plot on the British Museum in London. For the first time the would be perpetrators were all female!

The British Museum would have been an easy target. As are most landmarks and tourist attractions in London.

The Police are already overstretched and wear thin over the capital.

Why don't we take a leaf from the French book?

To ensure minimum death and destruction when an attack actually takes place at a tourist attraction or popular landmark.

The British Army Should Bolster Security Under The Police Force!

The Army could be placed at various locations throughout the UK under the command of the Police. Each location could have 8 troops, 4 on patrol and 4 on Quick Reaction Force. Always under the command of a single Police Officer.

The targets perceived as soft would become almost impenetrable. Terrorists like easy prey, they are not going to go up against a visible threat such as the British Army!

This act of deterrence is worthy of a review!

The taxpayer would get more for their money and people would feel safer whilst visiting attractions or simply going about their day and it would take some strain off our very stressed Police Force!

Mitch William...


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