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  • Mitch William

Tax Rise NHS

"Fair and balanced" Tax Rises to cover an extra £20 Billion in funding for the NHS. What happened to the Boris Bus? I thought when BREXIT became a reality we would have an extra £350 Million per week to spend on the NHS with no extra taxation required!

The NHS is the best creation of its time. However, it must be competently managed. All we hear is it's broken and its been broken for years with no apparent hero to heal it!

The NHS is a problem that no single political party can fix. There needs to be a cross party consensus and a professional board in the driving seat or we'll still be dealing with an inefficient system for decades to come.

Extra tax for an efficient NHS, probably money worth spending... But, can we trust them to not run it into the ground and squander it on non-medical staff and equipment?

Too often are there horror stories of children being forced to seek treatment overseas, this is simply unacceptable and something must be done immediately!

Its time for the Westminster elite to admit their incompetence on the matter and unite behind a long term parliamentary strategy lead by medical professionals not politicians!

Mitch William...


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