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  • Mitch William

Suspend Parliament Save Democracy

What he is doing, is actually normal, it’s just a little bit longer than usual, Parliament is always suspended during this time!

But, as per, people love a sound bite because they know millions of people do not understand the process of parliamentary sessions!

The ballot paper of the EU referendum, had only 2 options. Remain and Leave.

It never had, Leave with a deal, or we can't Leave without a deal. It certainly never said that Parliament would do its level best in trying to overturn the democratic right of the people.

Boris Johnson, is suspending parliament, some politicians and media personalities are accusing him of high jacking democracy and setting a dangerous precedent.

Well, I think he's actually saving democracy, he's standing up for the result of a democratic exercise, whilst parliament continually attempt to overturn the result.

Parliament are holding the people, democracy and the result in contempt, which I think, is a much more dangerous precedent to be setting.

Like it or not, Boris Johnson is holding them in contempt and saving democracy.

Only a blind remainiac can't see this!

The gloves are off, this is a battle to the end, in the event of a General Election before October 31st, I'm sure The Brexit Party will gladly help Boris over the line!


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