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  • Mitch William

Supremacy to Equality

The United Kingdom is one of the most welcoming and tolerant nations in the world. You only have to travel abroad, to certain parts of the world to fully understand this fact.

The UK's history is a defining factor in what we believe today. Historically, the British Empire was about dominance and superiority. The Commonwealth of Nations, the successor of the British Empire, is very different indeed. It's an organisation of free states, who champion democracy, rule of law and equality to name a few.

Every 4 years we celebrate our diversity with a mini Olympics called the Commonwealth Games. We were all raised within this free association of nations. However, some people may not even recognise the commonwealth flag?

The values of the Commonwealth, are ingrained in almost each and every one of us. The most pertinent value being, equality. The evolution from Empire to Commonwealth dictated a change in world view, from supremacy to equality.

This is why, the UK is one of the most welcoming and understanding nations in the world. It took a colourful history to get to this stage. But, we're here.

Modern Britons have nothing to apologise for in reference to the historical colonial ventures of our ancestors. It is this generation and the generation before, that put things right. If anything, minorities should be thanking us, rather than demanding apologies.

We must retain our cultural heritage and better understand it. Understanding it, will highlight how modern Britain came to be and demonstrate, that we are tolerant and welcoming.

However, that tolerance cannot and should not be mistaken for weakness. If there's a culture clash, the saying "when in Rome" springs to mind.

We must stand up against all mob rule, all extremists and educate them out of existence.

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