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  • Mitch William

Support Our Commonwealth Troops

Team Fiji are a valued, respected, integral part of our Armed Forces. You cannot visit an Infantry barracks without coming across a Fijian. They're true warriors and the British Army are lucky to have their loyalty.

However, now I'm hearing a Fijian Veteran, who served with distinction is facing a £27k NHS bill for a procedure to remove a brain tumour. That's criminal, no if's no but's, pure and simple.

The British Army recruits Soldiers from across the Commonwealth and has its very own Foreign Regiment, a more respectful form of France's Foreign Legion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles.

As far as I am concerned, the best way to integrate a foreign national in to British society, is let them join the Army. As they'll meet the highs and lows and gain an understanding of British cultural values that many migrants will never understand.

To that end, Commonwealth Soldiers and their families, if they so wish, should receive full automatic citizenship and access to UK services upon leaving the Armed Forces.

They certainly shouldn't be facing crippling NHS bills!!!


I served with these warriors, they're not foreigners, they're our brothers! #TeamFiji

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