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  • Mitch William

STURGEON: Scotland's Failure

Scotland has the highest drug death rate in the 'developed world' and Europe. The SNP are not using their powers quick enough or effectively in order to curb this outrage.

Scotland has three and a half times more drug death's than the rest of the UK.

They have cut millions in funding. However, with most SNP failures, they immediately blame Westminster policies. I wonder if these failures are actually well thought out tactics? Fail, and pin the blame on Westminster, then hopefully increase support?

How long can they reply to hard facts with unreferenced opinions? How long will it take their blind following to wake up and realise, that the SNP are exploiting their vulnerabilities in order to win votes?

If the SNP were to win their separation. Who will they blame next? I think they are playing with fire. If they achieve their goal, it won't take long for their folly to unravel and their once hardcore support might just turn against them.

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