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  • Mitch William

Sturgeon must accept DEFEAT!

The Prime Minister quite rightly rejected the idea of giving Holyrood the power to hold a 2nd independence referendum. After all, the last once in a generation, once in a lifetime vote was in 2014.

CREDIT: Channel Brexit

The SNP have not halted their campaign. Much to Scotland's detriment. They're fuelling division at a time where the UK stands at the crossroads of history. Ready for a Global Resurgence.

Westminster could make Scotland tax free and the SNP would spin it as being bad for Scotland. The ultimate goal as it appears, is to give 2 fingers to England and swap London for Brussels.

That's not Independence, that's a nightmare and a humiliation!

The SNP have made no effort to work in harmony with the rest of the UK, even though, the majority of Scotland support the Union. Their objective is to be as disruptive as possible without dignity.

The numbers are still the same despite an on going campaign. Their NEVERENDUM must be STOPPED or COUNTERED!

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