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  • Mitch William


It has been reported that Holyrood's Harassment Committee has reached a majority decision that Nicola Sturgeon misled the Scottish Parliament and the committee itself.

The Scottish Government has now lost credibility and has brought Holyrood into disrepute.

The integrity (if there ever was any) has vanished. If Sturgeon stays on as leader, which she probably will do, due to her current popularity ratings, it will only be a further demonstration of her arrogance and utter contempt for the people of Scotland.

I hope the SNP do not secure a majority on the 6th of May. It must be time for the people of Scotland to realise what an abhorrent machine the SNP actually is.

Imagine breaking away from the UK under such a malicious regime. Fingers crossed, that the people of Scotland will now see through the formidable SNP propaganda machine.

#ResignSturgeon #VoteUnionist #TacticalVoting

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