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  • Mitch William

STURGEON: Her EU Obsession

Nicola Sturgeon, can't accept that BREXIT is upon us, as a United Kingdom. Her Euro obsession is quite frankly, becoming boring.

Now, it seems she doesn't want to remove the EU flag from Scots HQ. Another ploy to harness her blind support of the oppressed.

It's been reported, that she's said:

"Friday will be a sad day for Scotland as we are taken out of the European Union against our will.

“It will also be clear that a future in Europe can only be achieved by Scotland becoming an independent country – and it is hope of a better future that must now be our focus.”

People of Scotland and SNP supporters, need to understand that becoming a member of the European Union, means loosing sovereignty over certain areas, with the ambition of "ever closer union".

Each individual member state, is NOT an independent nation. They are EU member states and must follow the Commission.

Sturgeon is howling about an independent Scotland with a future in Europe. Which, is more or less a fraud. Any self respecting SNP activist, should call her out on this fake idea of independence.

Britain is going GLOBAL! The potential for free trade, with CANZUK, the USA, China, the Commonwealth, the EU and many many more nations around the world is there.

We need to give BREXIT a chance and the SNP need to start being more honest and respectful to the people of Scotland as a whole.

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