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STURGEON: Enemy of the Scots

I'm not in favour of a 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum. The people of Scotland voted in 2014. The turnout was 84.6% and 55% of votes cast wished to remain apart of the UK. The process proved to be divisive and nasty. I fear the 2nd time round, it will be even worse.

The nationalists like to point out that 'Scotland was dragged out of the EU' with 62% of Scots voting remain in that referendum. However, they never tell you the turnout. Which was, 67%. 62% of 67% is not concrete in my eyes.

I campaigned for Brexit. In my mind, if we had lost. I would have accepted it and changed tactics to a reformer rather than leaver. That's how Democracy is supposed to work. Win or lose the ballot commands respect. Well, that is unless you are a Scottish Nationalist. I think they will keep going on and on until they get the result they so wish and forever be unreasonable in debate.

They can compare us to as many small nations in the world as they like. None of them have the global influence and reach of the UK. The UK is one of 5 Permanent Members of the UN Security Council, 2nd Rank in NATO, the senior member of the Commonwealth, a member of the 5 Eyes and the newly constructed AUKUS and ranks in the top 5 humanitarian aid donors, I could go on...

The UK is a global power. However, the Nationalists are happy to join the EU and be a wee voice in a huge crowd commanded by Germany and France. EU membership would mean a hard border between Scotland and England.

And since the nationalists like to compare Scotland to countries such as Ireland. What happened when Ireland voted against the Lisbon Treaty? Oh, they were told to vote again and give the correct answer. I'm not sure being a wee country in the EU is such a good idea?

That aside, Scotland would possibly not meet EU entry requirements for anything up to 10 years. And the Spanish could still veto the application. Also, NATO membership could take years and again, any member state could veto the application. Let's look at Ukraine, they were very close to NATO. Yet, Russia invaded. Scotland is strategically placed. If there is window for exploitation, a confident foreign actor could seize an opportunity and take the Shetlands and Orkney's at a minimum.

Moving on... I think the UK could and should evolve into a federation.

The House of Lords MUST GO!

It is simply not fit for the modern age. It must be replaced with an elected body, that gives equal representation to each member state. Such as in the USA, where Connecticut has the same power as California within the Senate.

The UK doe's need REFORM, and it needs it now.

If we were to break up the UK, it would rip Scotland apart. Look at Yugoslavia and Northern Ireland. If you think Scotland is somehow immune to civil unrest, then you are mistaken and possibly naive.

Let's keep the family together, work together and strive for reform and prosperity as one.


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